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Investor Relations

Currently NANSCO GmbH is in takeover negotiations.

In early 2015 NANSCO Industries Inc., a company located in Toronto, Canada, will have acquired 100% of NANSCO GmbH of Willich, Germany.

NANSCO Industries Inc. will at that point be a Stock Exchange quoted company.

If and when the acquisition of NANSCO GmbH by NANSCO Industries Inc. is fully consummated you will find Live Stock Quotes, Analysts Reports, and all further relevant financial information here on the “Investor Relations” pages.

Letter from the President

The survival of humanity on the planet is a concern that has yet to receive its due place in society.

All of us living on the earth have begun to notice the symptoms of climate change. These symptoms occur continuously, not just when we happen to think about them, and are progressing.

Scientists are alarmed over the impact, which is grounded in countless studies and calculations. Environmental degradation is a threat not to be trifled with!

Who or what is guilty, and when or why it occurred, is no longer important. What is most urgent is to act now so that we maximize our chances to restore the environment to a healthier state.

Moreover, whether or not we like it, and whether or not we are ready for it, climate change requires the transformation of our society, which urgently needs to design and implement short- and long-term initiatives to address the challenges it presents.

All of us are responsible. In order to promote a new kind of human behavior, we have established a research group that gives a "human touch" to ecologically-sound new technology. A group including scientists and ordinary people from different countries and regions are seeking out and developing solutions for sustainable development of urban and rural mobility:

  • Developing awareness and enthusiasm for sustainable mobility
  • Doing developmental work on the microeconomic structure of sustainable mobility
  • Creating a "campus" for athletic and recreational activity so users can experience sustainable mobility in real life, instead of only reading and hearing pronouncements and theories
  • Launching a research institute for the development of practical sustainable technologies
  • Establishing an agency for the promotion of adventure travel with eBikes


Our motto is:

Sustainability is rooted in a conscious attitude of respect - respect for the environment, respect for others and respect for one's own humanity.

What do these words really mean?

They are surely appropriate in many areas beyond the scope of the NANSCO Industries Inc., but what we can do is help make sure the mobility essential to our modern society is more sustainable and more economically feasible. It's simply easier to travel conveniently, to cope with gradients without dismounting, etc., when supported by innovative electric drive motors in new devices.

Our challenge as a society is to learn how to use old familiar systems in exciting new ways.

We at NANSCO Industries Inc. are working not only to improve eBike technology, developing new control systems and improving efficiency, but also are developing a CEB, a Covered eBike, the connecting link between the bicycle and the car. There are many situations that do not necessarily require us to bring a 1- to 2-ton vehicle to our destination.

We contribute to these goals by offering cost-effective and high-quality alternatives.


NANSCO Industries Incorporated, Canada