NANSCO Software GmbH

NANSCO Software GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of NANSCO GmbH

NANSCO Software offers complete software solutions for bike sales and bike rental.

Bike Sales
  • Registration of customer data such as name and address
  • Service interval
  • Data storage service visit
  • Theft protection via GPS
  • Market analysis by current customer data



Bike rental
  • POS system with quick-printed rental receipt
  • Data collection via smartphone or tablet PC
  • Address database with user-definable categories, attached notes and powerful search functions
  • Employee and access management
  • Time and attendance records for employees
  • meaningful business statistics
  • form letters, form e-mails
  • lists and reports for every need

Thanks to the use of innovative software it is possible to fully integrate mobile devices into the rental process. This allows you to handle all aspects of bike rental right at the pick-up point with a tablet PC or smartphone, while your employees receive payment at the checkout station. And thanks to the flexible pricing feature, payments can be calculated to the minute, and can incorporate strict or lenient tolerance limits as well. Sales reports, statistics and a cash journal help with bookkeeping and provide a structured overview of your finances.

The Wi-Fi-based printing system enables you to issue receipts directly at the pick-up and return points. You can easily view open orders and payments and track them based on the customer’s contact information. Through an existing maintenance agreement with NANSCO Software you will receive regular updates along with customer friendly support, as well as benefiting from continuing development of the software.